End of the School Year Google Classroom

By the end of the school year there are a ton of things to do, but one thing that people forget is that they also have close up their Google Classroom. This page is to give you helpful hints on the best practices to close up your Google Classroom for the current school year in preparation for the following school year. These helpful suggestions will help you to maintain your organization and keep all of the information you need to store from your class in case you need it.

End of the Year Google Classroom Cleanup

In this episode we take a look at six end-of-year tips for cleaning up your Google Classroom to help close out this year and get ready for the next. For more details and step-by-step directions see my blog post at: https://www.controlaltachieve.com/cla...

Archive and Delete your classes

  • This is a two step process. You must archive the class first, then you can delete it. Keep in mind if you delete the class by accident, it can be restored.

Delete the Classroom calendar in Google Calendar

  • Open up Google Calendar and delete the calendar. Just be sure you want to delete it because it is not recoverable!

  • If you are unsure about this, then just hide it in your list

Unenroll in unwanted classes

  • If you are enrolled as a student in another class, be sure you unenroll from it so that you do not continue to receive notifications from it.

Export any assignment rubrics

  • Before archiving and deleting a class, you may want to export an assignment rubric to a Google Sheet.

Manage your Drive folders that are associated with Google Classroom

  • You can delete any classroom folders that were created when you created a new class. Just be sure you do not delete the CLASSROOM folder in 'My Drive'. Additionally, you can create a folder for the school year, and just move all of your class folders into the archive folder.