Family Tech Support


The DOE is launching a family-facing Remote Learning Technical Support ticket system. Families (or someone on their behalf) can submit requests for technical support for a broad range of issues, including application support, lost, stolen, or broken devices, and delivery status, though the Technical Support for Families page. Note that when families select a topic and issue in the ticket submission form, the form will automatically list common resolutions to technical support problems; if the suggested resolutions do not resolve the family’s issue, they can continue to submit a tech support ticket by completing the form.

This family-facing system, and the DOE staff remote learning support ticket system, is intended to replace emails to the inbox. Schools should share this new resource with families.

Technical Support for Families:

  • Below you will find a support request form if you need help with any of the technology that you borrowed from the school. This includes laptop computers and IPads. Feel free to reach out to the NYCDOE tech team if you need any support for this.

Using NYCDOE IPads at home with your children

DOE Service Desk at 718-935-5100

1. Double check that the iPad is connected to the internet.

All DOE iPads should come internet ready. If, however, for some reason the iPad is not connecting to the internet, help the student do the following:

Go to the Settings app.

Select Cellular.

Turn on Cellular Data.

Tap Cellular Data Options.

Verify that LTE and data roaming are turned on.

If the student still has trouble connecting to the internet, they should call AppleCare Support for the NYCDOE at 1-800-919-2775. When prompted, enter the PIN: 692363 (NYCDOE). Note that they should ONLY call this number to ask about setting up their iPad or accessing learning applications. They should not call to check on the status of a device request. See iPad Distribution for information and timelines around devices.

2. Confirm their iPads have the correct applications installed.

In addition to standard iOS apps (Calendar, Clock, Photos, etc.) all DOE iPads should come with the following apps:

Adobe Acrobat

Axis 360


Cisco Security



Freegal Music

Google apps: Classroom, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides, Translate

Microsoft apps: Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Teams, Word


Queens Library



For security reasons, students cannot download apps to their iPads. They should have all of the above apps already installed, however, so if one of the above applications is missing, students should call the DOE Service Desk at 718-935-5100.

A note about Zoom: many schools have asked about adding Zoom to the iPads. The DOE will send out another announcement when a deployment approach has been solidified.

3. Sign into applications with the correct username and password.

For all Microsoft applications, students should sign in with their DOE student account. If they don’t know their account info, here’s how they can find it.

For all Google or G Suite applications, students should also sign in with their DOE student account. However, if your school has an existing G Suite program, and you already provisioned G Suite accounts for students, students should sign in with those account credentials.

4. Turn off the Google passcode requirement.

Some iPads are asking students to set a passcode for their device. This is because your school's G Suite has a policy that mandates that all devices have a passcode. You will need to turn off this setting. To turn it off, reach out to your school’s Google Admin and ask them to turn off the passcode requirement (you can share with them Google’s Set password requirements for managed mobile devices support article, if needed). If you don’t know who your Google Admin is, call the DOE Service Desk at 718-935-5100. They can provide you with this information.

DOE Service Desk at 718-935-5100